We Are Using The B-Word (in a good way)

Beverage, BevOps Fleet Summit – to be exact – is our b-word.  It was all business at Beverage World magazine’s 10th annual BevOps Fleet Summit held in Las Vegas last month. This 3-day conference addressed business challenges and industry trends of the beverage supply chain.  Over 300 attendees learned, networked, and attended the Ride & Drive demo at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Attending for the first time with our Randall Access line of safety walkramps and steps, Chuck Carey, our Vice-President of Sales was able to demonstrate how Randall’s Straight Walkramps meet the rigors of the beverage delivery world.  Randall’s Straight, Narrow, and coming soon, Low Profile line of walkramps are distinctly unique with our signature walk surface that helps secure drivers and their loads to the walkramp; taller side rails that help guide hand trucks safely to the ground; and panels that are securely fastened not once or twice, but six individual times.

Randall Access Trade Show

Today’s beverage world is growing in complexity and volume.  Drivers are tasked with delivering faster, more efficiently, often in difficult, congested environments – like parking lots.  Randall’s Access products are engineered to help drivers move products out of the trailer quickly, safely, and with greater confidence.

Working in conjunction with or independent of lift gates, Randall Access’s walkramps bring more driver requested features than the competition. Used extensively throughout the food distribution world, Randall Access products are gaining traction faster than the craft beer explosion in the beverage distribution market.


For more information on Randall Access products, please visit our website – www.randallaccess.com or call us at 800-323-7424.

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