Our Story



We are Bustin, Randall, and ROM.  In 2017, we joined together with the band and formed Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer.

Collectively we bring over 180 years of experience delivering products and solutions that drive safety, productivity, and innovation. Our Cracker Jack teams are intensely committed to the industries we serve and the drivers who deliver the goods every day.  We pride ourselves on our unique combination of listening, curiosity, education, and innovation – mix that all together and you have a team of pros that take your business personally.

Our innovative product lines include Temperature Control, Access, and Video / Camera.  A portfolio that is unmatched in the industry.  Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer builds on the commitment of its parent company, Safe Fleet, to operate companies that are changing industries.  We are able to leverage the brains and brawn of a variety of Safe Fleet companies to identify solutions for industry challenges.

Safe Fleet is a dynamic group with a growing product portfolio. We strive  to be your solution source whatever ails and challenges you in the logistics world.  Partnership. No Excuses.  #GetItDone.  That’s Us.