Randall Access Walkramp

That’s Right – NEVER Flip Your Walkramp Panel Again

What’s the big flippin’ deal to NOT have to flip your walkramp panel?  You might flip your pancakes, flip a coin, or maybe even flip a lid from time to time.  But you don’t flip a walkramp panel.  This is your engine, your rock, your good buddy that gets you through the battlefield a delivery driver calls work.  You don’t want to mess with the screws and the bolts that keep you on firm ground.

The Randall Walkramp was designed by the smartest engineering cats in the room to help make a delivery driver’s job safer, smarter, and faster.  It’s mission critical to provide a panel and walksurface that is uncompromising, unrelenting and unshakeable.  Every aspect of the Randall Walkramp’s panel is designed to provide the greatest life span and durability.  Here’s how:

–          The panel’s gripping walk surface provides 2x the durability and wear;

–          Each panel is fastened to the siderail 6 individual times –  compared to our                             competition’s 2 times  – you do the math; and

–          Panels are constructed from the strongest Aluminum alloys available today and                     extruded to prevent cracking and wear.

Randall’s Straight, Straight-Narrow, and Folding Walkramps are each constructed with the same top-notch materials and engineering.  No one makes a walkramp that provides more strength, durability and control.  With as many moving parts as a walkramp has, it’s best to start with the toughest product on the market, engineered to stay out of your facility maintenance department and on the road.

When the job demands more – Randall Walkramps heed the call.

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