Uncertain Times Shed Light on The Antimicrobial Difference

If you’ve been thinking lately a lot about germs, you’re not alone. As COVID-19 is spreading in our country, communities, and neighborhoods, it’s become a challenge to think about anything but germs.

I was recently daydreaming about the topic when I remembered that Safe Fleet’s insulated bulkheads have a standard antimicrobial protection. I decided the timing was perfect to further investigate this product feature for our audience. I connected (virtually) with our Product Manager, Clint Andrews, for a chat about the topic.

Here is a recap of my conversation with Clint about Safe Fleet’s antimicrobial protected bulkheads:

Chelsea: Why antimicrobial protection?

Clint: Our primary users, the foodservice delivery industry, are too familiar with spills, splashes, and splatters. The antimicrobial protection adds an extra layer of defense from the fungus or bacteria that can build up because of these events. With safety and protection as our #1 priority for fragile goods in-transit, the antimicrobial protection just makes sense.

Chelsea: What Safe Fleet products have this feature?

Clint: Antimicrobial protection is a standard feature of our BH Series and Coolguard Series insulated bulkheads.

Chelsea: How is the protection applied?

Clint: The outer most layer of the bulkhead is constructed from a polyurethane material that is impregnated with anti-microbial protection from fungus and bacteria. The material is formulated to the ASTM G21 standard for resistance of synthetic polymeric materials (molded materials, surface treated articles or similar objects) to fungal attack.

Chelsea: What does the protection do?

Clint: Antimicrobial impregnated polyurethane is proven to seal the bulkhead surface to prevent bacteria from burrowing and incubating.

Chelsea: Clint, what’s the takeaway?

Clint: There are several bulkheads available to help divide your multi-temp delivery trailers, but (unless you’re into bacteria and fungus) a solution with antimicrobial features built-in to double-down on protecting your inventory should be prioritized! The BH Series or Coolguard Series bulkheads from Safe Fleet are both great options.

Thank you for reading about my conversation with Clint. If there’s another product feature you’d like me to investigate, just leave a comment below.

If your business remains strong during COVID-19, we’re here to help! Our location where insulated bulkheads are manufactured is an essential business and is open, ready to design a temperature control solution for your trailer.

To everyone else, we understand what a difficult time you’re navigating and look forward to connecting with you once the germs have settled.


Stay safe, friends!

Chelsea Darley, Director of Marketing, Commercial Vehicle, Safe Fleet

Clint Andrews, Product Manager, Truck & Trailer, Safe Fleet

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