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Top 5 Randall Ramps Questions from the Road – Answered, Randall Access Style

Randall Access - Road Tour

The Road Team is talking to the people.  We’re learning more and more about life on the road and how our Access product line can help get to punchout easier and safer.  We tip our hats to our friends in the trenches who bring the goods no matter the what the elements.


(Q)  What’s considered a Randall Ramp System?

(A)   That would be the Randall Ramp, enclosure, and lift assist (short or long throw).  Components can be purchased separately.


(Q) What’s the big deal with 6000 Series Aluminum and Grade 8, Cadmium Plated hardware?

(A)  We like to say we’re the toughest, strongest, baddest ramp out there -with these materials we are.  6061-T6 Aluminum alloys is the strongest ramp material available. On top of that, we extrude this material making it as resistant as possible to cracks and breaks.  As far as Grade 8, Cadmium Plated hardware – this is a military and aviation specified hardware that is approximately 38% stronger than Grade 5 hardware.  The Cadmium plating provides twice the corrosion resistance than standard hardware.


(Q) Do I still get a long life from the Randall Ramp if I can’t flip the ramp?

(A)  Heck yes – the Randall Ramp’s surface is super dur-ABLE, cap-ABLE, and just plain ABLE to last the life of your trailer.  Here’s our engineering at work – the angle of the surface nodule is engineered to be perpendicular to the ramp creating superior traction and….. wait for it….. coefficient of friction.  The width, depth, and angle are deeper and thicker creating a more gripping surface to help ease the driver down and pull the driver up. We believe our ramp because of its superior surface material and engineering is 3x as durable as the competition.


(Q) When a ramp is out of commission, I’m out of commission.  What’s your turnaround on parts?

(A)  We understand – having equipment grounded costs money, lost productivity, and frustration.  Yes, our parts priority program gets your order out the door as fast as humanly possible.  Though we know our Randall Ramps stand up to the rigors of the road, we know, ahem, unforeseen damage and drops happen.


(Q) What’s with the Road Tour and this epic trailer – can we buy one, who built it, and those shirts – can we have one?

(A)  The Road Tour was the brainchild of Kyle Allen, our territory manager. Kyle’s a Spartan athlete and likes to do things that normal folk would say, “no can do.”  Not Kyle, he and our Engineering team put their heads together and designed this traveling adventure land of Randall Access product.  Unfortunately friends this is a one-of-a-kind, well-equipped product experience – not available for sale.

Our Road Tour shirts have been making quite the statement. As a matter of fact, so have our hats and water bottles.  If you’re feeling left out of the Randall work gear, give your Territory Manager a shout.  As a valued customer (must be a customer – note this fine print) , we’ll get you Randall Access gear pronto.



Follow our Road Tour this summer – www.randallaccess.com/roadtour

For more information on Randall Access products Randall Walkramps, Randall Steps, and the exclusive – Randall Elevated Platform – give us a call at 800-323-7424.



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