Michael Galati Randall Manufacturing

The Bench Just Keeps Getting Stronger – Welcome Michael!


My dad

Can’t live without:         

Mom’s pasta on Sunday

Favorite movies:          

Godfather, Life is Beautiful, Shawshank Redemption, and ok, I cried (a little) at Lion King

Sports fan:                 

From Chicago, of course. Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks – when they win, life is good

Surprising fact:         

Despite being vertically challenged, captain of my high school cross country team, varsity baseball player and just completed a half-marathon with a personal best.

Plays a mean tune:                   

State trumpet player and member of a nationally recognized jazz band


From Niles, Illinois, I’m from a close Italian family where I’m second in command of four siblings. Graduated from University of Illinois and began my working career in inside sales.  I’m proud to be at Randall Manufacturing and providing my customers in the Pacific Northwest and Canada with all things temperature-control in a trailer and rugged access products.

Follow me on Twitter @mg_randallmfg.com or email me at mgalati@randallmfg.com.


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