Randall Access Unveils the Randall Elevated Platform Concept

Randall Access Unveils the Randall Elevated Platform Concept

Randall Access’ latest concept, the Randall Elevated Platform, was unveiled at the International Food Distributors Association (IFDA) 2013 Distribution Conference.  With its emphasis on driver safety and efficiency, the platform showcases the future design and engineering direction of side-door access products.

Measuring 48”x 52” and constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, the platform elevates to the trailer door – eliminating the use of a transition plate or a steep drop.  The 3-step deployment and stowing process increases delivery speed and enhances safety. The ability to use the entire platform floor provides the driver greater maneuverability in and out of the trailer and a larger area to stage loads. In addition, use of the entire platform floor allows the trailer to be fully cubed, increasing efficiency and profitability.

The platform’s adjustable mounting system ensures that the platform is in line with the delivery door whether retrofitted on existing trailers or installed on new trailers.

Randall Access’ commitment to create safer, more flexible delivery options is underscored by the ability to use the straight or folding walkramp off the platform either parallel or perpendicular to the trailer, depending on the delivery environment.

The platform also addresses the issues of temperature control and inventory pilferage.  The ability to close the side-door during deliveries with the platform deployed decreases temperature loss and increases product integrity.  Further, valuable inventory is protected from pilferage with the ability to close the side-door.

Randall Access will introduce this new Elevated Platform into its product offerings in the near future.

For more information on the Randall Elevated Platform Concept – click here.

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