Randall Walkramp Panel

Power to the (Randall Walkramp) Panel

In the foodservice delivery world, nobody said the job would be easy but having the highest quality equipment is a necessity for success. Randall Straight and Folding Walkramps are part engineering, part attitude, and all business.

Randall’s Walkramp construction is a nod to safety, toughness, and a triple shot of confidence.

(1) Let’s talk materials:

  • Extruded –  don’t even think about cracking or becoming brittle
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Grade 8, Cadmium-coated hardware

(2)  How about a gripping surface:

  • Nodules are titans of traction
  • Engineered to help pull you up and ease you down
  • Never say die – this surface will stand up against the elements, wear, and whatever else you throw at it

(3)  No twisting, turning or skating here

  • Six fasteners at key stress points maintain structural integrity over the long haul
  • 75% open area keeps debris and the elements out of your way
  • Replaceable, repairable, maintainable – just plain able

Randall Walkramps don’t dance around the tough issues of strength, control and performance  – we stand and deliver.

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