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Greg Jones Joins Randall As Product Manager

We’re proud to announce that Greg  Jones has joined the Randall team as Product Manager.  Greg will be assuming a diverse set of responsibilities including a sales territory, managing product development, market relationships, and new business opportunities.  Phew, he’ll be working hard.  Greg’s up for the task with over 30 years of experience, great personality, and a “let’s get the job done” attitude.

Take our quiz – how well do you know Greg Jones?  And…. GO!



Mohammad Ali and Martin Luther King 


Favorite Movies:  

Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Arc, Gladiator,  Shawshank Redemption, and Aviator


TV Shows:               

Blue Bloods, MASH, and CSI series


Tunes on iPod:      

Any and all songs by Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Kenny G, and Quincy Jones


Sports Fan:             

Pittsburgh Steelers (season ticket holder) & Pirates, Chicago Bulls (season tickets), and, oh yes, Tiger Woods


Surprising Facts:

Attend New Orleans Jazz Fest ten years in a row.  Public school teacher (Industrial Arts – drafting & photography) for three years  


You can reach Greg at gjones@randallmfg.com or 800-323-7424 ext. 4202



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