Randall Manufacturing Goodbye Joanne

Goodbye, Joanne!

Today marks Joanne Carlson’s last day at Randall Manufacturing. Joanne has been a staple in the office and industry for many years, and she will be sorely missed. Joanne brought laughter, light, knowledge, and professionalism to Randall, which will never be matched.

As much as we don’t want her to leave, no one deserves to sit back and relax more than Joanne. She can now enjoy more time with her children and grandchildren, spend time at her lake house, travel the world, and read plenty of books.

After 19 years at Randall Manufacturing, you may think you know everything there is to know about Joanne Carlson. But that is definitely not the case.  So let’s celebrate her retirement with 10 fun facts about her!


1. She drinks a fruit smoothie every morning

2. She plays cards with the girls

3. Ixtapa, Mexico is one of her favorite places in the world

4. She’s an avid golfer

5. She loves to go to Zumba class

6. She currently has 6 grandchildren

7. She grew up on a farm

8. She hosts Thanksgiving dinner for a mere 50+ relatives every year

9. She has a degree in education

10. If she were on Facebook – she’d have over 1 billion friends!

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