Narrow Walkramp for Crowded Urban Delivery

Randall Ramps’ Narrow Walkramp is the ideal walkramp solution for straight trucks and straight trucks that deliver in congested urban settings, in particular.

According to the U.S. Census, more than four out of five people live and work in urban areas.  One of America’s top grocery chains who operate stores in urban locations estimates that their fleet of trucks makes over 40,000 deliveries each week.  They estimate that they keep the following days’ worth of product on their store shelves:

Produce and frozen food:  1 to 3 days

Eggs and dairy:  2 days

Dry goods: up to 7 days

Food delivery in these urban areas is highly competitive, time sensitive and difficult.  Smaller straight trucks are preferred over semi-trailers because they can more easily maneuver tight corners and compensate for inadequate delivery areas.

Randall’s Narrow Walkramp is approximately one inch shorter in width than our standard straight walkramp and fits seamlessly under any straight truck body.  Made from the strongest ramp material available – 6000 series Aluminum alloys and Grade 8, Cadmium-plated hardware, the Randall Narrow Walkramp is the strongest, safest, most durable walkramp available.

Armed with the Randall Narrow Walkramp, drivers are productive and safe on this gripping ramp as they take on traffic, bicyclists, and narrow delivery areas.


Source:  National Cooperative Freight Research Program,Guidebook for Understanding Urban Goods Movement, Report 14.

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