Introducing Randall Steps: The Strong, Safe, and Secure Way to Access the Trailer

The newest addition to the Randall Ramps line are Randall Steps.  Randall Steps feature a taller side rail for secure foot positioning, a gripping, robust tread and an aggressive leading edge.

With Randall Steps, you will be sure to have Safety, Strength, and Confidence covered.

  • Safety – Randall Steps are powder-coated orange for high-visibility.  The optional chain and latch secures the step safely in the bracket. The aggressive leading edge ensures proper foot placement with every step.
  • Strength – Randall Steps have the highest weight capacity in the industry – 500 lbs.
  • Confidence – The military used to call their equipment coating process their own – until Randall Step entered. Rust has met its match with our epoxy e-coat primers, 8 stage pretreatment process and final powder coating.

Getting off the ICC bumper and providing the driver with a strong, safe, and secure way to get in and out of the trailer – that’s Randall Steps.

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