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Transporting Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals? We Have Your Insulated Pallet Cover.

The pharmaceutical industry represents about $300 billion, with a B, in annual sales in the United States alone, according to the World Health Organization.  That’s a lot of highly valuable and life-saving products that need to be safely transported at temperature through the supply chain.

Like the production of pharmaceuticals, transportation is highly regulated by the FDA from security, chain of custody and temperature control.  Minor slips in temperature, one or two degrees, during storage or transportation can have negative ramifications throughout the supply chain.  To ensure temperatures stay consistent companies utilize temperature control multiple measures including the use of insulated pallet covers.  Insulated pallet covers enclose a shrink wrapped pallet and provide an effective barrier that keeps temperatures stable while sitting on the dock or during transportation.

However, off-the-shelf insulated pallet covers or blankets won’t necessarily work for pharmaceutical transportation.  Often times there are very code specific sizes and specifications that need to be met to protect products; meaning companies have to ensure that the insulated pallet cover can be customized to fit individual specifications.

Randall Manufacturing’s Temp Control line of insulated pallet covers and blankets provide that barrier, keeping  delicate vaccines and pharmaceutical product temperatures stable during transit, in storage, or while sitting on a dock.  In addition the denier nylon outer shell of our insulated palletInsulated Pallet Cover covers are polyurethane coated, making them both washable and tear/rip resistant.

Additional key features include:

  • Quilted, to preclude movement of the polyester fiberfill insulation
  • Binding sewn around the perimeter to enhance durability and visibility
  • Protect inventory from heat and cold temperatures
  • Able to adjust height with Velcro sides


So what does that mean for you?  Randall’s Temp Control has the insulated pallet cover offering that helps ensure vaccines and pharmaceutical products are transported safely through the cold chain.

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