Top Truck and Trailer 2019 Innovations

Top Three Truck & Trailer 2019 Innovations

We’re looking ahead to 2019 and shifting into sixth gear with product innovations that keep drivers safer, deliveries at temp and free from dangerous bacteria, and more bottom line ROI with increased product durability and productivity.

Here are three innovations to watch in 2019:

1) Customized Solutions

Customizes Randall Temp ControlNot every problem can be solved with an off-the-shelf product, which means you need something customized just for you.  Randall Temp Control is a mastermind of custom temperature control solutions.  Recently we developed custom insulated bags for a last mile delivery that has an adjustable height to fit larger deliveries.  Being able to change the height of the bags means a driver can safely transport and deliver food at temp from big to small.  Our insulated bags have you covered no matter the size of the food delivery.

More information insulated bags here


2) Bigger is Better

Randall Temp ControlA larger platform with three points of contact built-in is safer, better and easier for your drivers to deliver with.  The FDP 4128LH checks all of these boxes along with drivers thanking you for helping them stay free from injury and infirmity.  And, the 41″ platform width provides one of the widest work surfaces to stack and off-load product.  Bigger is better with the FDP 4129LH.

Click Here to see more on the FDP 4128LH


3) Bacteria, Mold, Mildew – Not On Our Vinyl

Randall Temp ControlWe take food delivery and food safety seriously.  Not just keeping products at temp but safe from harmful bacteria.  Our 2019 line-up of bulkheads are now all treated with antimicrobial protection.  This added protection is proven to seal the bulkhead surface and keep bacteria from burrowing and incubating.

Click Here to learn more about our insulated bulkheads


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