Randall Temp Control Trailer Curtains

The Secret Weapon in the Cold War: Randall Trailer Curtains

Randall Temp Control’s Trailer Curtains are the proud choice for those who demand performance, durability, and variety.  In today’s delivery world, every opportunity to protect perishable inventory at the rear and side doors, make the loading and unloading process easier, and helping to comply with FSMA – let’s take it.

Randall Temp Control's Rear Roller Trailer Curtain
RRCV’s roller track makes opening and closing the curtain easy and fast.

Randall’s rear and side door curtains feature more options than Lady Gaga has costume changes.  Whether you are looking for curtains that roll side to side, self-repair, or use gravity as their friend to close – Randall Temp Control has the curtain combination for your fleet’s rear and side doors.

The popular Rear Roller Curtain, commonly called RRCV, now features XLT windows- standard.  XLT is an ultra-durable vinyl that can handle extreme temperatures (at either end of the thermometer) without cracking or damaging.  And, just in time for the summer season – RRCV curtains ship within one week of placing your order.   

Randall Temp Control's RRCV secures in the center and against the walls with Velcro.
The RRCV secures with attitude to the side walls and in the center with serious Velcro.

All of Randall’s rear and side door curtains feature craftsmanship, ease of installation, and proven effectiveness in shielding perishable inventory from Mother Nature’s wrath. Randall Temp Control’s curtain line includes:  RRCV, Quick Release, Rear Pull Down Curtain, Gravity Side Door Curtain, and Strip Curtains.

For more information or to purchase any of our trailer curtains, email us at info@safefleet.net or call 800-323-7424.

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