The FDP 4128LH: A one of a kind platform

Randall Access is proud to introduce our FDP 4128LH, the industry’s first floor deployed platform that combines a patent-pending grab handle for three points of contact; an expansive 41” wide platform; and an integrated ladder. The FDP 4128LH is the result of answering the market’s request for a larger side door platform that incorporates safety at every point. The FDP line, including the new FDP 4128LH, continues to offer Randall’s signature walk surface on the platform and the ladder steps – creating continuous, aggressive walk surfaces for the driver.

FDP 4128LH Blogy Body Image

“The FDP 4128LH is an example of our continued commitment to engineer leading industry products that promote safety, functionality, and innovation for the driver,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer division. “Our patent-pending built-in grab handle, large platform surface, and integrated ladder work together to prevent driver injury by facilitating “three points of contact”.

OSHA notes that strains and sprains account for 50% of truck driver injuries. On average, a driver will lose 11 days of work from an ankle sprain. In addition, when a person jumps from a height of four feet – the force of impact is between five and seven times their body weight.*

To reduce or help prevent these injuries, the FDP 4128LH facilitates “three point contact” when entering and exiting the trailer. The three points of contact keep three, of four critical parts of the body (hands and feet) in contact with the trailer while entering or exiting the vehicle. For example, the three points of contact system represents that two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand are always in contact with the vehicle.

Additional key features of the 4128LH include:

  • Constructed with extruded Aluminum, 6061 T6 alloy, the toughest material available on
  • Access products, to withstand the cracking
  • Randall’s signature walk surface – aggressive, gripping, all-weather
  • E-coated and powder coated tunnel to prevent rust
  • Slider pads for easy deployment and stowage

Click Here to see full product features and benefits on the FDP 4128 LH.

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