Randall Temp Control Bulkhead

The BH2000 Insulated Bulkhead. Often Imitated, Never Equaled.

Manufactured to individual specifications with meticulous attention to detail, the Randall BH2000 insulated bulkhead has been the foodservice industry go-to for temperature control, temperature division, and regulatory compliance.

The Randall BH2000 brings together unique design features that help protect inventory by effective temperature division; exceptional durability with the highest quality materials; and modularity to extend the life of the bulkhead.

BH2000 Insulated Bulkhead
Ballistic nylon perimeter seals adhere to the sides of the trailer and perform under extreme temperature conditions.
Extruded UHMW skid guards provide extra protection in an area of the bulkhead that takes a beating from loading equipment, pallets, and daily use.
BH2000 Insulated Bulkhead
Modularity of the BH2000 makes parts easily replaceable and extends the life of the BH2000.

Unrivaled quality and durability for nearly twenty years, the Randall BH2000 has become the industry leading bulkhead to the nation’s foodservice delivery organizations.

Randall Temperature Control products here to help your business protect the inventory you’re transporting.

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