Temperature Zone Defense

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) introduced regulations to ensure contamination is reduced and/or eliminated from the food supply chain.  For companies that transport food this has created a new level compliance that needs to be met, while still having unique trailer or delivery requirements.  A requirement of FSMA is to ensure food stays at its designated temperature during shipment, increasing the need to separate refer trailers into three unique zones; freezer, refrigerated and dry.  One of the best ways to create those three temperature zones is with a Center Divide System that incorporates Half Bulkheads.

Standard Center Divide Systems split the trailer in half, length wise, allowing refrigerated products on one side of the trailer and frozen on the other.  By introducing Half Bulkheads to the system you can create a third temperature zone for dry goods in the rear of the trailer.  Not only do Half Bulkheads let you create three temp zones, it will also shorten the load and save fuel in the process.

Randall Center Divide Systems bring additional features including…

  • Panels that are 15% lighter than the competition
  • Recessed airflow channels that allow for better air circulation
  • Male/Female side rails that lock in place, ensuring a tight seal
  • One-piece extruded UHMW skid guard that offers extra protection
  • Customizable options that allow you to tailor the Center Divide System to meet your unique requirements

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These unique features mean the Randall Center Divide Systems bring more to the table…

  • More efficient product staging prior to loading
  • More durability over the life of the vehicle
  • More ability to “shorten the load”
  • More flexibility to reconfigure
  • More ease of maneuverability

Stay in compliance with FSMA, reduce your operational costs and increase your productivity with the Randall Temp Control Center Divide Systems.

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