Randall Temp Control Summer Heat Relief

Summer Starts…….NOW! Heat Relief Products are Here.

It’s summer and that means an increase in fresh fruits and vegetables being transported across the country. Temperature sensitive products have a shelf life or “fit for consumption until” date.  Shelf life refers to the length of time that an item can be stored without becoming unfit for consumption. As part of the cold chain, refrigerated transportation plays an important role in maintaining the shelf life of temperature sensitive items, like produce.

Randall Temp Control Summer Heat Products

When considering what will affect the transportation of your perishables, time in transit is important as well as identifying environmental elements that affect the temperature inside the trailer.  These element may include: allowing hot and humid air in through open side and rear doors; not using an insulated pallet cover for items that should not be co-mingled; and proper airflow within the trailer.

The industry has looked to Randall Temp Control products for innovative and effective means to protect inventory.  Here are a few of our summer must-haves:

summer heat relief with Randall's Rear Roller CurtainRandall Temp Control’s line-up of Rear & Side Door Trailer Curtains.  Whether you have roll-up or swing doors, we have a variety of curtains that fit your delivery needs.  Pictured here is our Rear Roller curtain.  Drivers appreciate the magnets in the center to close and also keep slightly open to see the walkramp when exiting the trailer.




Randall Temp Control Insulated Pallet Cover

Protecting perishable items such as bananas that are sensitive to the environment – reusable, insulated pallet covers are ideal.  Heavy duty velcro, ability to custom label, and easily washable – these insulated pallet covers come in a variety of sizes and materials.




Randall Temp Control Insulated Ice Cream Bag

They are known in the industry as Ice Cream Bags. In reality, Randall Temp Control insulated bags are multi-purpose powerhouses – ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items such as ice cream, fruits and vegetables, prepared meals, and pharmaceuticals.

Constructed with multiple layers of insulation and high-density foam. The outer shell is constructed with 600 denier nylon and a tough, ballistic nylon bottom.



Let’s keep your perishables at temp and maintaining the proper shelf life this summer.  Visit our website for temp control products that can help you battle to heat-beating happiness> www.sftruckandtrailer.net or email us at info@safefleet.net


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