Randall Insulated Pallet Covers and Bags

Randall’s Insulated Pallet Covers & Blankets Protect Perishable Goods – No Matter the Season

Shipping perishable items, regardless of the season, presents temperature and humidity challenges throughout the cold chain.  Whether you are delivering solids or liquids such as: produce, meats, cheese, wine and beverages, pharmaceuticals, water-based paints, ice cream, toners or electronics – Randall Temp Control’s insulated pallet covers, blankets and bags help maintain product integrity.

Randall Manufacturing has been a leader in temperature control for over thirty years.  We are constantly studying challenges throughout the cold chain to see how we can put our expertise and engineering to work.  Insulated pallet covers, blankets, and bags can be viewed as a standard product or after thought, when actually they are essential in the cold chain.  These products are counted on to provide “spot” help with product that either needs to be separated from other inventory that  could be emitting gases that affect product integrity, need extra temperature protection, may be on the dock in the middle of summer or winter and integrity is immediately jeopardized.

Randall Insulated Pallet Covers

Randall Insulated Pallet Cover for Temperature ControlRandall’s Insulated Pallet Covers come both in standard and custom sizes.  They are re-usable, i.e. environmentally friendly, and can be easily cleaned between uses.  Made from polyester fiberfill insulation, each pallet cover is sewn at our manufacturing facility in Illinois with careful attention to binding and quilting that make a difference in superior temperature control.

Our heavy duty insulated pallet covers are made with an additional layer of polyethylene bubble covered on both sides with an aluminum foil facing to maximum temperature, moisture, and humidity control.

Our pallet covers are used in a variety of industries for multiple applications. Having pallet covers on hand is part of a best practice temp control operation to quickly and easily provide for added environmental control.

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Randall Insulated ContainersRandall Insulated Bags

Randall Insulated Bags are multi-purpose powerhouses made with heavy gauge 600 denier nylon and a ballistic nylon bottom meaning these bags are among the toughest in the industry and are virtually indestructible.  T-handles provide extra durability and won’t tear or rip when you’re carrying heavy inventory.

Whether you’re delivering for the long haul or the last mile, these portable, heavy-duty, serious temperature control bags protect perishable inventory.

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Serious temperature control whether on the road, water, or in the air  needs a serious temperature control partner.  Randall Temp Control’s products are tested daily by leading distributors to meet the mark and not let them down.  Your business is counting on us taking our business seriously and personally and we do.

Call us today to talk about your application and let us help you meet your temp control needs.

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