Randall Steps and the Three Point Rule

Jumping from cabs and trailer decks can result in serious injury impacting your joints, lower back and lower extremities.  Jumping from the cab floor or trailer also increases your risk of slip and fall injury when you land – especially if the ground is wet or snow covered.

OSHA notes that strains and sprains account for 50% of truck driver injuries.  On average, a driver will lose 11 days of work from an ankle sprain.  And, think about this – when a person jumps from a height of four feet – the force of impact is between five and seven times their body weight. For example, if a driver weighs 200 lbs., the impact force of jumping from the cab is almost 1500 lbs.*

To reduce or prevent these injuries, use the “three points of contact” system when entering and exiting the truck.  The three points of contact keep three, of four, critical parts of your body (two hands and two feet) in contact while entering and exiting.  For example, the three points of contact system keeps two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand always in contact with the vehicle.

Randall’s Steps are engineered and designed with a focus on driver safety. Our Steps are powder-coated orange for high-visibility and feature an aggressive leading edge to ensure proper foot placement.  With the highest weight capacity in the industry – 500 lbs. – and a robust, gripping tread, there is no slipping on these Steps.

Access Three Step

Additional Randall Access Step Features:

  • Military-tested coating process stops rust
  • Higher side rail for secure foot placement
  • Robust, gripping tread
  • Aggressive leading edge


Three Points of  Contact & Randall Steps – that’s #AccessConfidence.

Click Here to learn more on Randall Access Steps.  For more information on Randall Steps, Platforms, and Ladders to assist with your Three Points of Contact System, please call 800-323-7424 or email us at info@randallmfg.com.

*Source: Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

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