Randall People, Products, Party – The IFDA Tradition Continues

Randall Manufacturing is exhibiting at the 2016 IFDA Distribution Conference in Tampa, October 16-18 in booth #621.  The Randall Road Tour trailer is rolling into Tampa with enough Randall Access products to keep drivers humming safely through the day. Randall Temp Control will be well represented along with a new addition to our curtain line.  And, of course stop by our booth for the coveted invitation to the Randall/Maxon party.

Randall Temp Control

Today, with greater regulatory pressure with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Randall’s Temp Control line offers a wide range of high performance products including Insulated Bulkheads, Center Divide Systems, Trailer Curtains and Insulated Covers and Containers to maintain temperature, control the environment and are driver-friendly.

At this year’s IFDA conference, Randall Temp Control will also feature ur newest curtain to help control temperature at the rear and side trailer doors.  The Rear and Side Pull Down Curtains:

  • help meet FSMA standards;
  • are easy to operate;
  • come with minimal parts for easy installation; and
  • Side Pull Down Curtain expected to offer manual and powered options.

Randall Access

Since 2012, Randall has boldly endeavored to stand out from the Access products crowd. Full on strength, control and performance – that’s our mission with each product in the  Randall Access line – Walkramps, Platforms, Steps and Ladders.

Keep an eye out for two new “coming soon” Floor Deployed Platforms on the Road Tour trailer:

Randall Access FDP 3136

  • FDP 3136 provides drivers with 36” of workable platform depth. This floor deployed platform’s versatile design allows for use as a platform or as a ladder. Additionally, the platform can be used in conjunction with a Randall walkramp for greater delivery safety and productivity.

 Randall Access FDP 4125

  • FDP 4128 is an extension of the popular FDP 3123 with a 41” wide work surface, integrated ladder, and new safety rail.  The integrated safety rail easily deploys and stows with the platform while providing the driver an additional point of contact for increased safety.


Randall and Vanguard

Be sure to check out the Vanguard trailer in booth #452 where Randall’s Center Divide System, Insulated Bulkhead and NEW Rear Pull Down Curtain will be featured in life-size application!


The Randall/Maxon party will be a must-attend – you won’t want to the miss the opportunity to be a part of something epic. Stay tuned for more details on this event that we promise will a once-in- an- IFDA lifetime event!  Plan on stopping by the Randall booth #621 or Maxon booth #126 for your VIP invite.

For more information on IFDA 2016 > http://www.ifdaonline.org/Events/Distribution-Solutions-Conference

See you in Tampa!


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