Randall's insulated transport bags are licensed to chill

There’s a Cold Front Approaching – Randall Insulated IC Bags

When the name of the game is keeping perishable, heat-sensitive products cool – Randall insulated transport bags, commonly called Ice Cream (“IC”) Bags are the smart choice. Ice cream, fruits and vegetables, prepared meals and pharmaceuticals stay cool and protected in our premium insulated IC bags.

We’re not bashful or shy – our IC bags are the best, multi-purpose insulated transport bags in the business, hands down.  There, we said it.  Here’s why: built with a mega-tough Ballistic nylon at the bottom and heavy-gauge nylon exterior, you’ll avoid the rips and tears that competitors can struggle with.  Also with our layers upon layers of insulation and high-density foam, once the bag is cold your products stay cold.

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Additional features include:

  • Ideal for transporting a variety of temperature-sensitive products
  • T-shape handles provide durability and ease of movement
  • Dry ice can be used in bags to enhance temperature control
  • Polyethylene base and optional sidewall proplex stiffeners increase rigidity
  • Combination velcro / zipper closure provide the optimal seal
  • Economical alternative to rigid boxes

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When our favorite start, the sun, decides to turn up the dial and call it a heat wave, you’ll be glad you chose Randall’s premium, insulated IC bags. The dog days of summer are around the corner – it’s not too late to protect the products you transport with confidence.

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