Randall Access Floor Deployed Platforms Fit in Your Tunnel

Rust, wear and tear, age – our new line of Floor Deployed Platforms (FDPs) are made to fit in your tunnel. Keep the tunnel, replace the platform.  Instant (economical) upgrade.

We offer two side door, in-floor, FDP access platforms that are retrofitable, i.e. fit in your existing tunnel. The Randall Access FDP 3123 and FDP 3434 allow you to replace or upgrade your existing FDP platform instantly- extending the life of your platform and increasing safety for your driver.

 FDP 3123

Floor Deployed Platforms 3123

Designed for access at any side door, the Floor Deployed Platform (FDP) 3123 has a 31” wide x 23” deep walk surface with an integrated ladder. Randall’s signature walk surface on the platform and ladder steps provides superior traction and open panel design. Drivers appreciate the quick deployment, as well as the ease with which the FDP 3123 platform and ladder slide in and out of the tunnel.

Additional features include:

  • Constructed of superior extruded aluminum, 6061 T6 Alloy
  • Two deck levels available at 48” high or 54” high
  • Slider pads and rollers for easy deployment & stowing
  • Integrated ladder with 4 steps that easily folds into tunnel with platform
  • Stainless steel spring latch locks the platform in place


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FDP 3434

Floor Deployed Platforms 3434

The Floor Deployed Ramp (FDP) 3434 features a 1,000 pound working capacity, ramp and ladder-ready in both the parallel and perpendicular positions and Randall’s signature aggressive walks surface.  This makes the FDP 3434 the strong, large and ready to be put-to-work side door platform drivers’ need. The 3434 also features a 34 ½” width x 34 ½” depth walk surface that deploys and stows quickly.  Randall’s FDP 3434 is ready to meet drivers toughest challenges ensuring products are delivered quickly and safely to your customers.

Additional features include:

  • Constructed of superior extruded aluminum, 6061 T6 alloy
  • Stainless steel spring latch locks platform in place
  • 1 ½” space between panels allow the platform to be supported by trailer cross members, precluding undue stress on the trailer floor


Click Here to learn more about the FDP 3434


The Randall Access product line of safety walkramps, platforms, steps and ladders provide drivers, fleet and safety manager’s products with unsurpassed strength, control, and performance. You won’t catch us resting on the job – our mission is to engineer products that provide drivers with the confidence to perform their jobs better, safer and faster because of our Access products. #AccessConfidence.

Check out our product line at:  www.randallaccess.com or give us a call at 800-323-7424.

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