inView 360 is an around vehicle monitoring system that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360-degree view around the vehicle. A dash-mounted monitor eliminates blind spots and prevents costly collisions. A digital video recorder records camera views synchronized with vehicle telematics such as speed, location, and signals to reduce liability claims.

Fleet managers can easily download and manage video evidence, display historical vehicle movement, and monitor system health to reduce the time and cost of incident investigations.

A variety of surveillance and vehicle management packages are available.


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  • 360-degree view around vehicle
  • Recording and storing of video and telematic data
  • Playback and archive video
  • Map-based video search


  • Protect lives
  • Eliminate blind spots and reduce collisions
  • Protect inventory from theft
  • Manage and track vehicle movement

System Includes

  • 4- exterior cameras with rugged aluminum housing
  • 1 – electronic control unit
  • Power and video camera harnesses and cabling
  • Optional 7″ dash-mounted monitor
  • Optional remote controller button

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