Keep your fleet FMVSS 111 compliant with Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer’s Flush Mount Backup Camera System.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) law requiring all vehicles with a gross weight less than 10,000 pounds to have a full rear-view visibility went into full effect on May 1, 2018. FMVSS 111 stipulates that vehicles must have a 10-foot-by-20-foot extended field of view directly behind the vehicle.

The Flush Mount Backup Camera System comes complete with a crystal clear 7″ LED Digital Panel Monitor with distance grid lines and mirror image capability, a 3-channel multiplexer with automatic system switch, a camera with 700 TV lines and a 170° viewing angle. The Flush Mount Backup Camera is about 1.5″ in diameter and mounts flush in the back of a vehicle.  Simply screw a 1.02″ hole at the rear of your vehicle with the included hole saw and the camera will mount perfectly in that space for a clean install.

NOTE: Camera must be installed flush between 5”-96” off the ground and in a range of 12” in either direction from the center of the vehicle (at the 40”-50” height) in order to be compliant with FMVSS 111.


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  • 7” monitor features grid lines and mirror image capability
  • High resolution of 700 TV lines
  • 170 degree viewing angle


  • System makes vehicle FMVSS 111 compliant
  • Safety – detect people and objects in rear blind spots
  • Increase productivity – reduce accidents and injuries

System Includes:

  • 1- 7” LED Digital Color Monitor
  • 1- Flush Mount Backup Camera
  • 1- 66’ Camera Cable
  • 1- Universal Swivel Head Mount
  • 1- Remote Control
  • 1- RCA Adapter
  • 1- Hole Saw
  • 1-Screw Kit for Installation


flush mount backup camera safe fleet truck and trailer

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flush mount backup camera sensors safe fleet truck and trailer

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