Introducing the FDP 3136LR: More Space…Greater Safety

Randall Access, a Safe Fleet brand, continues our fast-paced innovation in Floor Deployed Platforms (FDPs) by introducing the new FDP 3136LR.  The FDP line, including the new FDP 3136LR, continues to offer Randall’s signature walk surface which affords drivers all-weather traction and a continuous surface when used with Randall Access walkramps.

“We are driven to continue to engineer and meet the market’s demand for larger, safer platforms,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer division.  “The FDP 3136LR provides drivers a 36” deep work surface along with the flexibility to use a ramp or the integrated ladder as the delivery environment warrants.”

FDP 3136LR Blog Image

With a 31” wide x 36” deep walk surface, the FDP 3136LR provides drivers more space to safely stage and deliver products.  The FDP 3136LR features an integrated ladder as well as a 1,000 lb working capacity allowing for the use of a walkramp.

Now, customers have a full range of Randall Access Floor Deployed Platform options for the side doors which include the FDP 3123L, FDP 3434R, FDP 4334R and now the FDP 3136LR.

Key features of the 3136LR include:

  • Constructed with extruded Aluminum, 6061 T6 alloy, the toughest material available today to withstand the cracking
  • Randall’s signature walk surface – aggressive, gripping, all-weather
  • E-coated and powder coated tunnel to prevent rust
  • Slider pads for easy deployment and stowage


Click Here to see full product features and benefits on the FDP 3136LR product page.

“The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is calling attention to all aspects of the trailer in food delivery; having a larger platform for drivers to maneuver while opening and closing the side door curtain helps promote driver safety and regulatory compliance,”  commented Chuck Carey, vice president of sales.


For more information or to purchase any of our Randall Access products, email or call 800-323-7424.

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