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WARNING: Mr. Winter, We Have The Gear To Fight Back

Who doesn’t love a snow flake or two, but a full on snow storm with ice caked on the windshield wipers and wind whipping around?  When we see purple for snow on the radar – we grab our gear and say that’s another day at the office.  Road conditions and winter storms were in the fine print of – “and everything else” in the job description.

We’re here to bring you the confidence to take on Mother Nature, Mr. Winter, and who ever else would like to join in the fun.  Enter into the picture: the Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer line of platforms and walkramps – committed to helping you with the grip you need, the platform width and safety features to give you something to have and hold, and safety features abound.

ROM Road Warrior Safe Fleet Truck and TrailerROM RoadwarrioR earned its name and is a widely used walkramp in some of the toughest delivery environments.

The RoadwarrioR walk surface is engineered to take on the workday and when it needs it, flip it, extend the life your ramp.

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We have a platform for every make and model.  In the floor, under the floor, with a ladder, without a ladder, ramp ready – you’ve got the picture.


Randall Temp Control Curtain

The Randall FDP 4128LH is a unique work horse. With a humongous 41” wide platform, three points of contact, and it has a built in ladder – in an all in one, no excuses platform.





Bustin Slide and Go Platform Safe Fleet Truck and trailerThe Bustin Slide & Go Platform is a compact, rock solid, space saving, under the floor platform. Used as a platform only or with the Bustin Slide Away™ Retractable 2 or 3 Step System- the Slide & Go platform requires only 28″ of installation space. One hand pullout makes deployment easy and fast. The active locking mechanism securely locks the platform in place. Used at the rear or side doors, this mighty wonder makes access any trailer or flatbed a breeze.

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The Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer lineup of walkramps and platforms no holds barred, take no prisoners.  Our arsenal of products have leveled the playing field with Old Man Winter and given drivers the confidence to make through whatever the workday holds.  We call this let’s #getitdone ya’ll.

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