The 3 Ps of IFDA – People, Product, Party

The IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference was the perfect venue to launch our new company brand Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer in the Foodservice Distribution market.

Today, we offer a complete portfolio of temp-controlaccesssophisticated technology-driven solutions, along with the Randall sales team (you know and love).  Our new logo and brand strategy reflects our evolution and will help us bring new solutions to the market.

Our booth and message was full on #GetItDone with products, new innovations, and the party co-hosted with Maxon!

Click Here to watch what happened at the show.

Video and Camera Solutions

Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer Video Solutions

As Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer, we bring new technology that unlocks an increased level of safety, productivity, and security for truck and trailer fleets.  Our Camera/Video solutions for fleets allows the ability to see potential obstacles in blind spots, protect drivers, identify safe driving practices, and secure inventory and equipment.

Our line of Video and Camera Solutions include:

DS2 Dual Camera Event Recording System

The DS2 is a compact two-camera recording system for fleets and commercial vehicles that allows you to record critical events on the road.  These events include hard braking, hard stops, hard acceleration, idling time, location, and sudden deceleration.  With the DS2 installed in a fleet, you can help protect drivers and identify safe driving practices.

Backup Camera Systems

With a backup camera and/or side cameras installed on your truck & trailer fleet, drivers are able to see potential obstacles in their blind spots.  These camera systems help reduce incidents when backing into docks or seeing in blind spots when on the road.

360⁰ Camera System

Designed for straight trucks, this particular vehicle monitoring system helps eliminate blind spots by providing real time, 360 degree view around the vehicle. The inView 360 gives drivers a complete view of the road helping to improve pedestrian safety and prevent costly collisions.

New Side Door Curtain Technology – Coming in 2018

Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer with Randall Temp Control

With the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), ensuring proper temperature control during transport is one of the key components of food delivery.  Wanting to give our customers the most effective tools to achieve their temperature control needs, Randall Temp Control introduced our Smart Curtain at the show.

The Smart, side door curtain allows drivers to easily exit and enter the trailer during deliveries.  The Smart Curtain automatically raises and lowers, making entry and exit into the trailer easy without touching the curtain.

THE Party

Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer IFDA party

Co-hosted with Maxon, we grabbed our lederhosen and oom-pah-pahed at our Oktoberfest Party at Granite City.  An old fashioned stein raising event was had!

See you next year in San Antonio!

Check-out our website,, or call us at 800-323-7424. #GetItDone

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