Randall Access walk surface

A Walk Surface is a Walk Surface – Not So Fast

When you are comparing walkramp walk surfaces – it is not apples to apples; more like apples to oranges or even pineapples. We believe that the surface underfoot is one of the top safety features of a walkramp.  When we ventured into Access products, Randall’s engineering team studied coefficient of friction tests, shoe types, environments, and used plain old gut instinct to design a walk surface that would provide drivers with the greatest amount of control.  And, we all like to be in control.

Randall’s signature walk surface is made of the toughest material available; serious, multi-directional nodules deliver a tenacious grip; and panels are fastened not once, not twice, but six times to the side rail.  Randall’s walk surface, used on all of our Access products, is highly engineered for the guys and ladies in the trenches every day.

Here’s how the Randall signature walk surface stacks up:

Randall Access, Walk Surface

Side by side the differences are apparent: extruded aluminum is proven to resist cracking, even in the harshest environments – hello, Pacific Northwest and our friends in Canada.  By securing the panel to the side rail with six multi-directional fasteners ensures panels stay put and don’t even think about breaking free. Finally, we believe in flipping your pancakes not your panels.  Randall’s walk surface nodules are designed to last the life of your trailer and then some.

One continuous walk surface that delivers full on control, performance and safety is what drivers can expect with the Randall Access walkramp line (straight, folding and low profile), Floor Deployed Platforms (FDP), and the Elevated Platform.

#AccessConfidence is what we believe drivers expect from Randall and what we intend to deliver – with the Randall Access walk surface.

For more information on the Randall Access product line, visit randallmfg.com/access or call us at 800-323-7424.



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