3 Tips to Win the Workday Tug of War this Summer

As the heat index rises, truck drivers are at increased risk for dehydration, over exposure to the sun, and potential safety concerns with under-inflated tires and brake failure.  When Mother Nature likes to flex her muscle in the summer, we aim to keep the guys in the trenches safe on the road with these simple safety tips.

1  Avoid Dehydration

When the heat is on – one of the biggest concerns should be avoiding dehydration.  In hot and humid conditions the body loses water through sweating and body temperature rises.  While it may seem like having a pop or other “clear liquids” will help you stay hydrated, that isn’t actually the case.  These drinks contain too much sugar and not enough sodium to replenish lost electrolytes.  Water is the go-to source to stay hydrated and reduce body temperatures, so keep a bottle in the cup holder.  An additional tip would be to pack foods that have high concentrations of water, like cucumbers or strawberries.

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2  The Need for Sunscreen

While it’s easy to think that since you’re in the safety of a cab you don’t really need to worry about applying sunscreen.  However, you can get a lot of sun exposure on the driver’s side window when you are on long hauls.  It’s important to be sure to apply sun screen or sun block to reduce the risk of sun exposure when you’re out on the road.  You want to ensure that is has an SPF of at least 30 and apply it 20 minutes before you start driving, if possible.

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3  Check Those Brakes and Tires

Hot temperatures can affect both your tires and brakes on the road, so it’s important to ensure that both are working properly.  Before you head out check your tire pressure; under-inflated tires in extreme heat have an increased risk of blowing out.

The spike in temperature can also cause brake fading or loss of friction and that’s the last thing you need when you’re cruising down the highway.  To avoid any possible issues, check your brakes before you push off to make sure everything is working properly.


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