Giving Drivers the Confidence to Perform their Jobs Safely

According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents. They cause 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities. The Bureau of State Risk Management has identified “slips, trips and falls” as one of the top five causes of workers’ compensation claims over the last six years.

Randall Ramps have been engineered with unsurpassed strength to provide drivers the confidence to perform their jobs safely.



Continuous, multi-directional, aggressive

Tooth for tooth – width/angle/depth – Randall’s walk surface is 3x as thick

Gripping traction brings drivers up the ramp with ease and down with control



Smoothest transition on toe and apron plates

Less bumps and drops means more load control



Tallest side rails with beveled edge

Uninterrupted walk surface

Interlocking panel

Greatest wheel-hugging and foot control, better load control

A controlled, smooth trip up and down the ramp

A ramp panel that never thinks about twisting, turning or deflecting


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